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"I have found something I truly love and I feel very lucky as most people go their entire lives with no passion for anything or chasing dreams they can never catch. Having a love this strong for what I do and knowing that I can reach happiness without having to depend on another is a confidence that can only be understood once it is achieved." ~ Joey Mas


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  Phillysnaps has been working with the most beautiful women on the east coast for over 2 decades. Hundreds of models have trusted photographer JoeyMas with their image and you could be next. If you are interested in a high end location photo shoot then please click here for more information:

Professional Photo Shoots by PhillySnaps

If you are not a professional model but you would like to book a photo shoot just for fun, then you should call 267-690-1443. We have a complete staff of the best make up, hair people that this city has to offer and we will apply 100% of our resources to your special day. We have exotic locations, incredible super cars and pretty much what ever we think me may need at our fingertips.


Please take some time  to visit our sponsors!

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I make a a valiant effort to show everyone my personal art such as landscapes, models, and other various subjects that yield no monetary value, but do bring smiles to you upon display. If you are enjoying what I do or you love the job I have done for you and/or your family - Feel free to show your appreciation here. Donations are used to purchase new and valuable equipment and keeps my art going strong!


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